Rivers District
Pumpkin Chunkin

Pumpkin Chunkin
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Rivers District

Fall Camporee

November 17-19, 2017

Pumpkin  Chunkin

Camp Locust Grove


Check-in and Registration

Troop and Pack units may arrive Friday evening, November 17th to set up campsites. Upon entering, units will proceed to the registration area to sign in. Campsite areas will be assigned at that time or if you have been here before and you know where to go.  Vehicles will be permitted in campsites to unload then immediately proceed to designated parking area.   For the safety of participants, your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


Cost for Camporee to include patch will be $10.00.

Parking and transportation

The following parking procedure has been implemented for the Camporee. We all want to have a safe event. Concerns about vehicle congestion and safety have necessitated these parking procedures:

Vehicles are required to park in the designated parking lot only. Beside the field and not on the Sod(grass).

All roads must remain open at all times.

Units may park a trailer at their campsite. Please ensure the trailer wheels are chocked.

Camping Campers are responsible for the following:

Water for drinking, washing, cooking, & cleaning up (water is not available at Locust Grove)

All meals are your responsibility.

Be prepared for your own trash removal. Bring plenty of trash bags.

Campsite cleanup to include firewood removal from fire stands and campsites.

Camp safety adherence to BSA policy.


Depending on local fire conditions, additional restrictions may be imposed.

Firewood should be brought in from an outside source; also, on site deadfall may be used.

A campfire has to be monitored at all times!!! Don’t forget fire bucket!

Download the event Leaders Guided here



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$10.00 per Participant