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2018 Camp Card Sale Unit Commitment Form

Camp Cards are easy to distribute, require very little storage space and are not labor intensive.  Each Camp Card is sold for $5.00 with 50% of the proceeds kept with the unit and 50% returned to Council.  Units can participate RISK FREE and unsold cards can be returned to the Council by the scheduled end date without penalty.  Units DO NOT need to prepay for their initial round of Camp Cards, however; to get a second or third round of cards once you run out, full payment (50% of proceeds) must be made for the initial round first.

Sale Dates:  Target date of March 19th pending card production time.  Sale will run through May or June (depending on start date).

Unit Information:
*Unit Type (check one)
*Unit Number:
*Estimated # of Youth Participating:
Estimated # of Camp Cards allotted per youth is 10 cards.
*Total number of Camp Cards requested:
(Estimated # of youth participating x 10 cards per youth)
Total Additional # of Camp Cards requested over and above unit's Scout allotment of 10 cards per scout:
For Council and Unit planning purposes, please provide the details of your unit's request for additonal Camp Cards:
(This information is required for units requesting additional Camp Cards).

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